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September 3, 2022

Satler windows and door


Satler windows and door, at the time a medium-sized manufacturer of wooden windows and doors was looking to scale its business.


They came to us in hopes of helping them out with digital strategy and expanding their business through digital mediums.



Prepare a digital strategy from scratch. Execute the strategy.

  • Elevate their online presence
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow e-mail list
  • Increase revenue


Client fully trusted us with our process which allowed us to prosper and deliver these results.  🙌

  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO optimization
  • Google advertising
  • Prepared E-mail marketing funnel
  • Graphic design
  • One happy client 😎




5 million

How did we tackle the challenge?

Because our client wasn’t interested in the website redesign, which was much needed, we had to create separate landing pages where we would take the online traffic. With that in mind, we created a wholesome sales funnel. The landing pages had a touch of naturalness and were optimized for conversions.

After we have set up the landings we started creating the ad and e-mail copy. Once we had that covered we moved over to graphic design. We have prepared advertising creatives for Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads.

After all this preparation it was time to move on to the actual execution. With our framework we have managed to generated 5 million in revenue for our client.

Satler windows door
Satler windows door
Satler windows door
Satler windows door

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