From 0 to 450 clients in the past 6 months.


Futuristic Clinic


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July 20, 2022



Futuristic life clinic has been around for quite some time, helping people with headaches, optimizing people’s immune systems, supporting chronic patients, and more beautiful things to help people.


Recently they started providing IV therapies as well. That was when they called us to help them scale their brand and get more patients in their clinic for IV therapies.


Increase the number of bookings for IV therapies.
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Grow e-mail list
  • Educate people about IV therapies
  • Increase the number of bookings


Client fully trusted us with our process which allowed us to prosper and deliver these results.  🙌

  • Prepared new advertising strategy
  • Prepared landing pages
  • Prepared lead generation funnel
  • Prepared E-mail marketing funnel
  • From 0 to 450 recurring clients
  • One happy client







How did we tackle the challenge?

As with every client we first focus on the analytics and data. Focus on the users (target audience). Who they are, where they hang out online, what they like, what problems they’re facing, and how to talk to them.

Successful lead generation

How to sell IV therapy?

Below you can find the exact Sales funnel that we’ve prepared for the client, which was essential for our success. Building a landing page with clear messaging and pain points was essential. 


It is really hard to sell a service like IV therapy. So we knew we had to be very specific about the messaging and try to convince them why they need IV therapy. Health is very personal and intimate. People need to trust you first.  


So in order to do that, you need a creative approach that will engage users and simultaneously position you as a leader and an expert in the field.

Lead generation.

Remember, our goal was to sell IV therapies to burnout individuals. So we had to come up with a creative approach on how to engage them and still provide some value. So we prepared a (self-diagnose) questionnaire that tells you at which stage of burnout you are at the moment (1,2, or 3). 


When you got self-diagnosed, you were redirected to one of the 3 landing pages. Each of the landing pages had content customized for a specific result. That way we were able to provide very targeted messaging and call-to-actions to the users.


Once people were self-diagnosed they entered an e-mail marketing flow where we educated them about their burnout stage. How dangerous it is, how they can treat it and what can happen if they don’t. 

Advertising part (PPC).

As with every client we first focus on the analytics and data. Focus on the users. Who they are, where they hang out, and how to talk to them. Based on a detailed survey, we found that most of their target audience uses Google to search for similar problems, so we knew that Google Search Ads will play a major role in client acquisition. 


We were also aware that we have to use Facebook ads to push the questionnaire out to as many users as possible. Because we knew that oftentimes people don’t even know how close to the burnout they are. And acting early - treating burnout - replenishing their energy reserves, they can avoid the worst.

Want to scale and get more clients?

We needed an agency that would take care of our growth and they have done that tremendously well. We have trusted them with every step and it really paid off. We are getting more and more new patients in the clinic each day.

Ariana, Futuristic Clinic

CEO & Founder

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