2.177% increase in revenue. We have sold 1600+ products in first 2.5 months.




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February 3, 2020

Bee Queen
Bee Queen


For over a decade, Vesna and her husband have been working and focusing on their beekeeping, preparing honey goodies and looking after their bees.

Together, they have developed an anti-aging cream made out of bee venom that acts as a “natural botox” and sold it only in small quantities, just like honey and other honey products.
With the desire to scale their business, they contacted us to set up a digital strategy together and help them sell more.


The client had an outdated website. They obviously didn’t have any digital strategy in place. They were only posting organic posts on Facebook and Instagram. Only occasionally boosted their posts.

  • Absence of quality website
  • No digital strategy in place
  • Selling their products to friends and local community
  • They were scared of scaling and taking us on as an agency


In just 2 and a half months we have been able to achieve insane results. We have sold almost 1.700 creams. Our client could not be happier as you can imagine. 🙌 🐝

  • We have set them up with a brand new Shopify Page
  • Prepared digital strategy
  • Prepared static and video ad creatives
  • Set up their advertising and e-mail funnel
  • Communicated with influencers and got user generated content






How did we tackle the challenge?

We reviewed their existing business situation and goals in detail. Based on a detailed questionnaire completed by the client, we held a workshop via video call (Zoom). Based on the workshop, we started preparing a strategy.

Bee Queen krema


On the screenshot below, you can see the course on online sales and marketing activities. We managed to scale sales so aggressively in the first month that we had to stop advertising on Christmas because the client could not keep up with the orders, which is visible on the graph above.

Due to a large number of orders and the slow delivery of packages, we also received a large number of returns in early January. Therefore, we had to gradually reactivate advertising until we helped the client to fix the logistics problem.

In the far right graph, you can also see how we have consistently increased the number of purchases of repeat customers. We are still successfully increasing our sales month to month.

Online store creation.

At the workshop, we advised them to redesign their website. They wanted to redesign the website with an external agency on the WordPress platform and pay quite a few (too many) pounds for it.

We immediately advised them not to do that. We suggested creating an online store on the Shopify platform, which is the leading platform for online sales, but at the same time much cheaper.

We prepared a proposal for the online store’s layout and set it up within 10 days. With this move, the client gained a high-performing online store, saved money, and spent the rest of the money on advertising.

To increase the number of conversions, we also set up the entire Upsell sales funnel with the help of the ReConvert Upsell & Cross-Sell plug-in and the automatic submission of product opinions using the Opinew Product Reviews App.

Bee Queen

Online advertising.

Based on the initial analysis, we found that our target audience is mainly on Facebook, so we spent most of our advertising budget on Facebook advertising. We also dedicated part of the budget to Instagram advertising, which (expectedly) did not bear as much fruit as Facebook.

We spent a small share on Google search ads for branding campaigns, which helped us appear in the first position for Bee Queen keywords.

Bee Queen
Bee Queen

E-mail marketing.

E-mail marketing still “carries” a negative connotation in the vast majority of companies because "it does not work". They also do not distinguish between the sending of e-mails and e-mail automation.


Let us tell you that on average we make 30% of revenue via E-mail marketing. Which means e-mail marketing still works.


This was also the case with Bee Queen. We have prepared e-mail automation for them, with the help of which we managed to increase sales volume and profitability.


E-mail automation consisted of these automation flows:

  • Welcome automation (Pop-up, Newsletter)
  • Product abandonment
  • Add-to-cart reminder
  • Post-purchase automation
  • Up-sell (additional purchases)

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In the first month and a half, we have sold over 1.700 products. DOPE Media is a great agency, they're very fast, agile, and very flexible. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their online sales.

Vesna, BeeQueen

CEO & Founder

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