How to crush your Black Friday Marketing campaign in 2022

How to crush your Black Friday Marketing campaign in 2022

Black Friday 2022

Follow this E-commerce Black Friday campaign strategy to crush your 2022 goals.



We have decided to share one of our Black Friday strategies to help you crush it in 2022.

Before we start. Here’s a fun fact, but a very important one. 94% of UK customers will be looking for advice to help them get the best Christmas deals. So if you think you shouldn’t be doing the Black Friday campaign in 2022. Think again.


How to structure offers

Think about the offer you want and why you need to do it. This strategy applies if you want to clear your stock, free up finances to order top products, and launch new products.


  • Instead of offering a 25% discount, offer “Buy one, get another 50% off”.
  • Instead of a 50% discount, offer “Buy one, Get one Free”.
  • Instead of a 50% discount, offer “2 for the price of 1”.
  • And as a bonus - “Bring ___XY___ friends and both get an additional 10% discount”.


Make a separate “Hype” Black Friday offer landing page. This is key!

99% of the companies simply hand out a Black Friday “code” to users and hope for the best. If you really want to crush your Black Friday campaign in 2022, you need to set up a separate landing page.

Customization is key. Make sure your landing page looks great, not average. Put some effort into it.

Make sure to hype people up about your offers. Don’t just hand them out discounts. Keep them guessing and hype them up!

How to set up a “Hype” Landing page

  • Add a great & creative copy, and add a video on top as well!
  • Include 3-5 categories filtered out by offers with blurred products
  • Include an opt-in form with a modified CTA under each offer
  • Make sure it is SEO friendly

Leverage traffic

You have your landing page. It’s time to start driving people to it.

Organic traffic

Make sure to leverage your social media accounts organically as well. 


  • FB, IG posts & stories with a counter to your Black Friday campaign
  • Post daily product reveals
  • Keep your content fun and engaging

Paid traffic

Test a lot of UGC (user-generated content), Static images, Dynamic ads, Carousels, and Collections. The point is to bring in as many new potential customers, bring in leads and start nurturing them with e-mail.


Up-sells / donw-sells

Don’t forget to increase your AOV as much as you can. When someone makes a purchase, don’t just send them straight to the “thank-you” page, instead offer them up-sells, if they don’t convert, offer down-sells.

Black Friday 2022 strategy breakdown

TOF: Facebook (Meta) ads, YouTube, Pinterest

MOF: Facebook (Meta) ads, Google

BOF: E-mail campaigns

RTN: E-mail campaigns


TOF = Top of the funnel (cold traffic - people don’t know you)

MOF = Middle of the funnel (people who interacted with your ads, FB page/posts… but have not visited your website)

BOF = Bottom of the funnel (people who visited your website/products)

RTN = Retention (people who are already your buyers)

If you need help with your Black Friday campaign, you can book a free consultation with the DOPE Media team.

Black Friday timeline

Timing is key! Make sure to start your campaign soon enough.


2-3 weeks before Black Friday

  • Active testing and optimization of open rates for e-mail.
  • Launch a daily campaign for “unveiling the offer” without the “Buy” button on the landing
  • Instead of the “Buy” button, we offer them the “Reserve yours” button
  • You can add a real stock counter for individual items and bundles (depending on your stock)


9-3 days before Black Friday

E-mail, SMS, and paid

“Release”/Enable the option to buy for everyone who booked offers

E-mail, SMS, and paid

Award the referrers with the combination of “Extra 10% off” or “Free shipping” - for everyone who recommends, shares, and pretty much does anything to bring their friends

2 days before Black Friday

Release the Kraken!

Time to make some cheese! 💰 Open your offering to everyone.


You can expect a first big wave, primarily because of the e-mail. And later on, sales will gradually slow down.

2-3 days after the Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Squeeze out as much as you can. 💰



Segment your audience based on the purchases, offers, and newcomers.

Send out e-mails with collections, and single products (best sellers).



Leverage carousel ads especially. Since you’ve spent enough money on ads already, this format will perform wonderfully.


5-7 days after Cyber Monday

Start preparing for Christmas 🎄

  • Launch a Christmas campaign, for those who haven’t converted
  • Create a separate campaign for engaged users who didn’t convert


Good luck to you!